Lord of the Rings Wedding | Olivia and Donovan

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so when I found out Olivia and Donovan's spring wedding was going to be Lord of the Rings themed, I was ecstatic (there was some high-pitched squeaking involved). Their venues (Duncan Memorial Chapel for the ceremony and Shall We Dance? Louisville Ballroom for the reception) were carefully selected to suit the Middle Earth aesthetic, and every detail was thought of in a poetic way to make their wedding day absolutely stunning. Even the rain didn't dampen the spirits of all in attendance-- it actually added to the Rivendell vibe they were going for. 

The bride and bridesmaids wore elf ears (a la Arwen and her elven kind), the groom and groomsmen wore tunics (Aragorn and his fellows)-- and the couple both donned circlets befitting their royal LotR counterparts. Olivia's Evenstar necklace was a lovely nod to Arwen, and Donovan and his best man each had swords at their belts, which made an appearance during their wedding ceremony. The ceremony itself was a handfasting ceremony complete with "jump the broom" ending, and was officiated by John Cowgell in his Pocket the Fool garb. 

Throughout the day, the camaraderie and friendships amongst the wedding party was evident and kept all entertained. Bridesmaids chowing down on fast food, playing board games while they waited, jokes and laughter, memes and dabbing, feigned concern at the drawing of swords, dancing and drinking at the reception... I can't describe it all, but I hope the photos below do their day justice.

Venues: Duncan Memorial ChapelShall We Dance? Louisville Ballroom
Flowers: Nanz & Kraft Florists
Bride and bridesmaids dresses: David's Bridal
Officiant: John Cowgell / Pocket the Fool
Photography: Lauren Alexandra Photography