Duncan Memorial Chapel Wedding | Lindsay and Daniel

Since moving back to Louisville and getting to know my home city all over again, I have been lucky and very grateful to have a wonderful network of family and friends who support and share my work in their circles. In November, I was fortunate to get to photograph Lindsay and Daniel's beautiful wedding at Duncan Memorial Chapel due to a connection the couple had with my immediate family and their friends. 

I met with Lindsay and Daniel to plan the ins and outs of the photos (deciding on a first look during their ceremony, family photos following, etc), and immediately had a fabulous rapport with the bride due to a shared love of old rom coms ("My colors are BLUSH and BASHFUl!" "Your colors are PINK and PINK!" from Steel Magnolias was quoted on more than one occasion). On the day of the wedding, I was able to do a bit of "Jennifer Lopez"-ing (a la The Wedding Planner) to help her out! It was fortuitous, I think, that they married on 11/11 (I always make a wish at 11:11, don't you?). The boys even had custom 11/11 stitched into their converse shoes for the wedding!

The couple each have two kids-- Lindsay's two boys and Daniel's two girls-- and they were the only wedding party they needed, and we came up with some fun photo ideas to reflect their love of family and that were a bit of fun for the kids instead of traditional wedding party photos. Pre-ceremony, Lindsay and the kids got ready in a cottage at a historic Anchorage home, where the reception would follow later in the day. 

Ceremony at Duncan Memorial Chapel
Reception at a private historic home
Makeup by Alexis Mattingly
Hair by Krista Crowell