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Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience | Kentucky Cocktail Competition

A couple weeks ago I documented the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience KY Cocktail Competition event at Butchertown Social here in Louisville. It's the state level for a nationwide cocktail competition where bartenders have to submit an original Woodford Reserve cocktail and an interpretation of a Woodford Reserve Manhattan cocktail. 

Butchertown Social's executive chef and Butcher Babe Loreal Gavin served Woodford Reserve and bourbon infused/inspired food, while judges Bobby Benjamin of Butchertown GroceryJeremy Johnson of Meta, and Bar Belle Sara Havens sipped and rated each cocktail in the running.

Out of the seven competing bartenders, one was selected to move on to the next round of the competition. As you can see from the photos below, everyone had a stellar time watching and tasting the drinks, and the competition was pretty fierce!