Sunlit Boudoir and Portraits | Victoria

As the weather got colder this winter (and then warmer again, because that's Kentucky for ya), I decided to move things indoors and work on intimate portraits and boudoir photography. Thankfully, Victoria offered to let me do some work of her to test a new space and different lighting conditions.

I've always really admired those who hire boudoir photographers and the photographers themselves who deliver really amazing experiences and beautiful, empowering images to their clients. I recently read and nodded my head along with this article from the photography website Fstoppers and this quote from Nino Batista stuck out: "boudoir is not as simple or contrived as taking a photo of yourself in your underwear". I agree, there's so so so much more going on between the photographer and client in intimate sessions like this. Again, I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who do it, and do it well.

I'm hoping to shoot more like this soon-- feel free to chat with me if you're interested in hiring me for a boudoir shoot!