Western Kentucky Road Trip | Solar Eclipse Path of Totality

I've been meaning to get this blog out since the total solar eclipse last month! Better late than never-- which is actually kind of how the road trip to Western Kentucky to see the total solar eclipse came about. After both Liz's and my plans to go with groups of friends to see the eclipse fell through, we decided to high tail it down from Louisville together at about 1 am Sunday night. Liz needed to be on the path of totality for a report for school, and I had all but given up the idea of getting decent eclipse photos due to lack of expensive gear and solar lens filters, but I was willing to give it a shot! 

We lucked out and arrived near Kuttawa, Kentucky in the wee hours of the morning and decided to nap in Liz's car at the marina on Lake Barkley until sunrise, at which point we found a nice spot at Vista Ridge Park overlooking the lake to watch the eclipse. It worked out pretty well, as the park is day use only so people weren't camped out there all week waiting and those who trickled in over the next few hours were mostly locals or lucky, like us. Liz and I both had eclipse glasses, snacks, water bottles, and umbrellas to shield ourselves from the sun while we waited and watched the eclipse progression. We laid out a blanket to observe the shadows of the leaves in the trees and see the crescent shapes emerge-- which delighted nearby families. 

Once the sky darkened and the "Diamond Ring" of the eclipse emerged I was a photo snapping machine. I was determined to at least try and get a few photos of the corona if I could-- and I did! Between camera clicks I was in awe of the stunning show around us-- the lake shore had an eerie, sunset-but-not-sunset effect and the sky was a stellar blue. It was truly beautiful. After it was over we didn't stick around too long-- traffic was bad enough on the way back as it was. I hope we get to see the next eclipse-- maybe I'll have more gear by then and get some higher quality solar photos!

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